Murthy Represents at AILA Annual Conference

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Last week, attorneys from all over the nation gathered at the 2018 American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) conference in San Francisco, California, and several attorneys from the Murthy Law Firm were among them. Several Attorneys from the firm were in attendance. Firm founder and president Sheela Murthy was among the session presenters. This year’s conference came at a precarious time for our nation’s immigrants. The first year of the Trump Administration has ushered in unprecedented attacks on the foundations of our immigration system through senseless and draconian policy and xenophobic rhetoric. But the hundreds of immigration professionals who attended the AILA conference remain steadfast in their commitment to help immigrants achieve their American dreams.

Sheela served on a panel providing advice on one of the key challenges in immigration law – the role of contracting and staffing companies in employing H1B workers, and the unique compliance concerns that can result. Sheela has been working with these employers, and their H1B workers, for much of her career, and provided guidance and suggestions on ways to provide forceful and successful representation in these employment arrangements.

Even seasoned attorneys with years of experience, like Sheela and others from the Murthy Law Firm, benefit by attending AILA’s annual conferences. It provides an opportunity to learn from and teach others in the field, share strategies, and discuss the future of immigration practice.


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