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“Being Sheela” a Biography Recently Published by Harper Collins

The critically acclaimed biography “Being Sheela: The Life Journey of an Immigration Attorney” has recently been released by Harper Collins.

What is “Being Sheela” about? It explores the life of a woman who has made it her purpose to strive for a better world. With insightful detours into her rather eventful growing-up years, it follows her journey from India to the United States, through law school at Harvard to the inception of what went on to become one of the most successful immigration law firms in the world – the Murthy Law Firm. The book takes a close look at a few out of the countless cases that Sheela and her dynamic legal team have handled over twenty-five years in the face of rapidly changing American attitudes towards immigrants. It highlights how one person’s vision and mission, working with a dedicated team, can transform lives. Lives not just in the thousands who work directly with her and the firm each year but in the millions of individuals and families who rely on the information, knowledge and wisdom shared through the website,

“Being Sheela” is about the human side of a successful professional, an immigrant and woman of color. Sheela feels that she is simply a vehicle to help people achieve their American dream of living and working in the U.S. This book will transport you, as you feel the highs and the lows, by seeing yourself through the eyes of those impacted. It is ironic that most from the outside see America as the land of limitless opportunities, yet so many in the U.S. do not feel that way.  Hopefully, this book will provide inspiration and motivation, not just for immigrants, but for all, to seek and find hope and opportunities to fulfill their dreams and to live life to its fullest potential.

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