Murthy’s April Address to the American Bar Association

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The leading organization for lawyers in the United States is the American Bar Association (ABA), which has a membership of more than 900,000 attorneys. The ABA holds periodic mentoring and educational sessions to train lawyers across the U.S. Its Business Employment Section meeting took place in April 2018, in Orlando, Florida. Sheela Murthy was invited to speak on the panel discussing the politics of the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and environmental issues with lawyers from Canada and Mexico.

Murthy was the only attorney at that conference to speak on the topic of U.S. immigration law under Trump. The majority of the sessions dealt with other employment-based matters for companies and employers.

Sheela Murthy is highly sought after as a speaker. She gives talks not only on topics related to U.S. immigration law, but also on entrepreneurship and community leadership, on philanthropy, and inspirational subjects related to her personal struggles and her ultimate success.


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