Sheela Murthy Attends Philanthropy Session with Warren & Peter Buffett

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Sheela Murthy was in Omaha for a very special gathering sponsored by United Way Worldwide. The fact that the mid-April event was held in the hometown of the well-known CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, billionaire and philanthropist, Warren Buffet, was no coincidence. He and his son, Peter, were at the center of the planning meeting with an elite team of like-minded business leaders and philanthropists from across the United States.

Peter Buffet, youngest son of the elder Buffet, is an accomplished musician and composer, having won the Academy Award for Best Original Score for his composition for the Fire Dance scene in the 1990 epic Dances with Wolves. He has now launched a 15-city tour, Life Is What You Make It: A Concert and Conversation with Peter Buffet, which will be in Baltimore May 7th. But this is not the usual musical engagement.

In each city, the local chapter of United Way will launch an effort to engage stakeholders and citizens in the needs of their community. Each city’s conversation will provide the foundation for the engagement for real change to begin. Relationships will be formed between individuals and business leaders, crossing chasms that have heretofore been a barrier, slowing the work that can be accomplished when there is cooperation and a clear common goal “questioning societal structures and institutions, building or rebuilding a sense of community, and committing to a path forward that promotes – even demands – economic and social mobility for all and a fierce commitment to inclusion and equality.” [As stated in a letter to team members who were present at the April event, from Brian Gallagher, President and CEO of United Way Worldwide.]

Sheela Murthy’s commitment to philanthropy is clear. This opportunity to engage with others and make clear plans to improve our communities is definitely exciting!

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