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Often sought after for interviews and her expert opinion on a range of topics, we frequently receive requests for write-ups on Sheela Murthy. Because her talents, interests, devotion, and involvement are diverse, describing her accurately is no small task. The following have been prepared for your use. Should you require further details, or other materials…

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Publish in 2018

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Sheela Murthy is working on a book of small autobiographical stories, expected to be available next year. Read excerpts here. Manhattan to a Montana Cowboy or Mumbai to a South Indian Farmer Boarding the red and white public buses to go to school each day was not unlike a scene from an old Western movie,…

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Personal Profile

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Sheela Murthy spent her formative years moving all over India with her family, since her father was in the Armed Forces. This gave her an appreciation and understanding of the subtle differences of the varied cultures within India. She learned to adapt quickly and make friends easily. The discipline so inherent in the military prevailed…

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