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Sheela Murthy likes to tell readers just how wonderful Murthy Law Firm employees are. It may make her team feel more appreciated. It may make her clients feel their cases are in excellent hands. But she believes this simply acknowledges a fact, and it is a fact she is happy to share.

In 1994, it took time for Sheela, the firm’s founder and president, to hire anyone to work alongside her in her new firm. Not only did she want to first make sure that her growing client base would continue to grow, and that she would always bring in enough revenue to support a payroll, but she worried whether she would find the right people – about whether they would be as dedicated to serving each client as she was herself.

Twenty years later – in 2014 – nearly half of the employees at the Murthy Law Firm had been there for more than five years. Another one-fifth had been with her for more than ten years, and a third of those had been with her for 15 years or more! Today, with her still, she has employees nearing the 20-year mark!

What does that mean for Murthy Law Firm clients? It means that you have people working on your case who are loyal and dedicated. They know what they are doing because they are well trained and are surrounded by others to whom they can turn with a question. It also means that you get experience. All tolled, there are more than 500 years of combined experience at the Murthy Law Firm. That is an amazing resource they are proud to offer!


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