Sheela Murthy: Next Chair of Maryland’s Chamber of Commerce

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The Maryland Chamber of Commerce is the only statewide organization that represents the interests of every employer in Maryland, including businesses, universities, hospitals, local chambers, and regional organizations, representing all its diverse industries and various jurisdictions. The next Chair of the Board of Directors of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce will be Sheela Murthy, founder and president of the Murthy Law Firm. Murthy will only be the second woman to hold the position, and the first IndianAmerican or Asian to serve.

Working with the staff and other Board members of the MD Chamber, Murthy plans to build on relationships with Chamber stakeholders, continuing the Chamber’s focus to make Maryland a global competitive leader in technology and innovation. The Chamber’s Competitiveness Coalition has been the only group proven to truly represent every business across the entire state. No other organization has the membership or charter to embrace businesses of all sizes, from every quarter of Maryland. Governor Larry Hogan’s slogan is: We are open for business in Maryland, and both parties of the State Congressional Delegation are united in working for a strong Maryland. Beside them, the MD Chamber expects to take a leading role in moving Maryland forward.
 Murthy sees herself simply as an agent for a greater cause, resulting in increased prosperity for all Marylanders. She looks forward to working alongside the Chamber’s dedicated volunteer Board, comprised of senior executives from many leading businesses. The Maryland Chamber is pivotal in helping businesses network, in lobbying for pro-business legislation in Annapolis, and in sharing valuable information through important conferences.

Murthy will be formally installed as Chair of the Board of Directors at the Maryland Chamber’s annual meeting and Hall of Fame dinner, scheduled for Tuesday, May 5, 2015. More information can be found on the Maryland Chamber of Commerce WebSite.


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