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Sheela Murthy & MurthyDotCom Featured in NYT Article

No matter how well known you are in your field, when the New York Times says they want to do a story on you, it’s a big deal! On June 26, 2013, How the Web and an Attitude of Sharing Helped One Law Firm Take Off [See link below.], by Adriana Gardella, was published about Sheela Murthy and the success of her firm by this bastion of the news. As a mid-sized law firm (19 lawyers and a total staff of around 90), focused exclusively on the practice of U.S. immigration law, the Murthy Law Firm attracts attention from time to time when someone decides to research which of the world’s leading law firms is getting the most traffic to its website. At least twice in recent years, the surprise upon learning that MurthyDotCom is receives more than several of the world’s largest law firms combined, has prompted some notice and a lot of, How do they do it?

The spirit of empowering the immigrant community with knowledge, which Sheela Murthy put into practice in 1994, continues to be the driving force behind the popularity of MurthyDotCom. Read it online.

The Daily Beast Picks up on MurthySuccess!

Not to be outdone by the New York Times, The Daily Beast has also run a brief story on Sheela Murthy, the Murthy Law Firm, and the success of MurthyDotCom. In the Building Her Case section, Murthy’s success story describes the nightmares she suffered through her own immigration process, and how she vowed to be a better lawyer herself. Read it online.

The Story Exchange: Sheela Murthy Means Business

Blog: Entrepreneurship for Immigrants: Setting the Bar Too High?

An entrepreneur, herself, Murthy’s successful immigration law firm is consulted by The Story Exchange to explain certain aspects of proposed immigration reform – primarily, what it would mean for those who want to start businesses in the United States. Opponents of immigration claim that immigrants take jobs from willing, able U.S. workers, but Murthy employs more than 94 lawyers and support staff, most of them born in this country and very happy to have their jobs in her firm. The Story Exchange article, Entrepreneurship for Immigrants: Setting the Bar Too High? by Karin Kamp, answers the question by using Murthy to explain the implications of immigration – and tell her own story. Read it online.

Video: Sheela Murthy Representing the American Dream

Sheela Murthy has an engaging, personal story of her tenacity in pursuit of the American dream. Hard work came naturally to her, but humility, she admits, she had to learn. Filmed by the Story Exchange, whose tagline is, “Where women mean business,” produced a five-and-a-half minute video that encapsulates Sheela’s story and reveals that the secret to her success is not secret – it is hard work and lessons learned the hard way. See it online.

Murthy Featured in the Huffington Post

The Huffington Post picked up Karin Kamp’s piece for The Story Exchange. Published in Huff Po’s Blog, it can be found under the title, Immigrant Entrepreneurs: Is America Losing its Edge?  See it online.

Murthy Quoted in the Washington Post

In David Nakamura’s article for the Politics section of the Washington Post entitled, U.S., Indian High-Tech Firms Lobby Against Restrictions in Senate Bill, Sheela Murthy is quoted regarding the far-reaching impact changes in the H1B visa program could have – negative impact on the U.S. and global economies. See it online.

Again, Murthy is the Subject of a New York Times Piece

After the New York Times article at the top of this list appeared, How Would Immigration Reform Affect Small Businesses? by Adriana Gardella was published in the You’re the Boss section. In this piece, Murthy describes her firm as being just the right size to fit her current vision.


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